Royalty Free Stock Emoticon Clipart by Yayayoyo

  1. Yellow King Emoticon
  2. Yellow Smiley Face Chef Holding a Covered Platter
  3. Cute Yellow Smiley Plumber Holding a Monkey Wrench
  4. Cute Yellow Emoticon Angel Sitting on a Cloud
  5. Rich Greedy Emoticon with Dollar Symbol Eyes
  6. Frankenstein Emoticon Holding a Thumb up
  7. Saluting Yellow Emoticon Soldier
  8. Cheerful Yellow Uncle Sam Smiley Face Pointing
  9. Cheerful Yellow Smiley Face Holding a Thumb up
  10. Yellow Smiley Face Pirate Character with a Hook Hand, Sword and Eye Patch
  11. Digital Collage of Four Pissed, Crying, Goofy and Terrified Emoticon Faces
  12. Friendly Yellow Smiley Face Wearing Shades and Gesturing the Hang Loos Sign
  13. Sad Emoticon with a Pouty Face
  14. Emoticon Super Hero Flying
  15. Grinning Emoticon with Lipstick Kisses
  16. Emoticon Catching Rain in His Hand and Holding a Colorful Umbrella
  17. Happy Artistic Smiley Face Emoticon Drawing
  18. Strange Yellow Emoticon with a Heart Tattoo on His Butt
  19. Creepy Emoticon Devil Holding a Trident
  20. Happy Yellow Smiley Face Baby Emoticon Sucking Its Thumb
  21. Cute Yellow Smiley Face Baby Emoticon with a Pink Pacifier
  22. Painter Artist Emoticon Painting and Holding a Palette
  23. Yellow Gangster Emoticon
  24. Yellow Smiley Nurse
  25. Pissed Emoticon Pointing an Accusatory Finger
  26. Yellow Dutch Woman Emoticon
  27. Romantic Valentine Emoticon Giving a Rose
  28. St Paddys Day Emoticon Giving a Thumb up
  29. Whistling Emoticon
  30. Happy Emoticon Cheering and Holding up Beer
  31. Sick Green Emoticon
  32. Halloween Witch Emoticon Giving a Thumb up
  33. Black Sketched Emoticons
  34. Hungry Emoticon Eating an Apple
  35. Fan Emoticon Holding a Foam Finger
  36. Christmas Emoticon Santa Ringing a Bell
  37. Mugshot Emoticon Smiley Grinning
  38. Yellow Emoticon Holding up His Middle Finger
  39. Happy and Smiling Yellow George Washington Smiley Face Holding an American Flag
  40. Smiling Yellow Smiley Face Waving Hello
  41. Grinning Yellow Smiley Face Pointing
  42. Grinning Male and Female Emoticon Faces Presenting with Their Hands
  43. Waving Astronaut Emoticon
  44. Happy Star Emoticon Giving Two Thumbs up
  45. Laughing and Pointing Emoticon
  46. Happy Emoticon Holding an Envelope
  47. Flasher Emoticon with Blurred Parts
  48. Nerdy Bespectacled Emoticon Reading
  49. Emoticon Graduate Holding a Diploma
  50. Winking and Gesturing OK Emoticon
  51. Emoticon Looking Through Binoculars
  52. Photographer Emoticon Taking Pictures
  53. Cute Sleeping Yellow Face Emoticon
  54. Thinking Yellow Emoticon Pondering Under a Cloud
  55. Friendly Yellow Emoticon Holding up a Magnifying Glass
  56. Friendly or Outgoing Yellow Smiley Face with a Glowing Light and an Idea
  57. Cute Yellow Smiley Face Girl Blowing a Kiss
  58. Happy Yellow Smiley Face Waving an American Flag
  59. Police Emoticon Gesturing to Stop and Whistling
  60. Mad Emoticon Spitting and Threatening with a Fist
  61. Uncomfortable Emoticon Pooping on a Toilet
  62. Yellow Emoticon Wagging His Finger
  63. Digital Set of Baby Yellow Smiley Face Emoticons