Royalty Free Stock Emoticon Clipart by BNP Design Studio

  1. Yellow Kissing Female Smiley Emoticon
  2. Happy Emoticon Holding a Thumb up
  3. Happy Emoticon Pointing
  4. Emoticon Celebrating at a Party
  5. Happy Emoticon Laughing
  6. Shocked Emoticon
  7. Bored Smiley Emoticon
  8. Yellow Emoticon Texting on a Phone
  9. Hachimaki Yellow Smiley Putting on a Headband
  10. Nerdy Yellow Emoticon with Glasses
  11. Valentine Smiley Emoticon Border with Text Space
  12. Yellow Emoticon Family Frame with Copyspace
  13. Yellow Singing Emoticon
  14. Shy Yellow Smiley Emoticon
  15. Blue Shivering Cold Emoticon
  16. Yellow Celebrating Emoticon with a Champagne Bottle
  17. Yellow Teasing Emoticon
  18. Yellow Angel Emoticon
  19. Yellow Emoticon Winking and Smiling
  20. Photographer Emoticon Taking Pictures
  21. Yellow Artist Emoticon with Paint
  22. Yellow Emoticon Yawning
  23. Yellow Female Emoticon Applying Lipstick
  24. Happy Yellow Emoticon Gesturing Okay for Delicious
  25. Yellow Emoticon Clapping
  26. Yellow Emoticon Winking and Flirting
  27. Yellow Emoticon Vampire